Friday, May 20, 2005

O2 Xda II Mini

I recently purchased an O2 XDA II mini. It's manufactured by HTC. It's also badged and sold as an iMate JAM.

I love it. I'm all for convergence. Where I used to carry around:
- A mobile phone (Nokia 6610)
- A 256MB USB flash memory stick
- A Palm Vx, which despite being old was still very capable.
- A paper based diary
- A flash based MP3 player

I now have just one device. It covers all these functions, plus it provides:
- A camera/video, albeit a really crap one
- Voice recording
- Masses of applications
- Wikipedia on the device if I'm ever curious about just about anything.

I also don't have to worry about synchronising people's contact details across my phone, palm and PCs. The Xda synchronises automatically with Outlook on my work and home computers.

- Small form factor an ideal compromise between mobile phone and organiser with a useful screen
- I can write my own programs for it! This is one of the most important points for me.

- If I ever want to just carry a mobile, it's a bit bulkier than my old mobile.
- Only 128MB RAM. I bought a 1GB expansion card, so that's okay :) I can't wait until they've got a multiGB hard disk built in.

Next time I'll talk about how I tend to use it and the applications I've written for it.

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